Miracle Monocle - University of Louisville

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Miracle Monocle will be accepting submissions for Issue Ten in January of 2018. We humbly request that you send us work that enlivens us. Remind us why we love to read; remind us why the rules that govern the page sometimes invite revision. Send us work that brings us the news of the world, work that challenges us to reassess our expectations; send us forms old and new, fresh collaborations, re-invigorations of the word. Wake us up.

The editorial staff of Miracle Monocle is pleased to announce the Miracle Monocle Editors’ Award for Emerging Writers will continue into its second year of existence. In the spirit of honoring the journal’s longtime commitment to promoting the work of up-and-coming writers, we will award a cash prize of $50 and publication in our upcoming issue to one writer who represents our vision for the future of innovative writing. All submissions received within our current submission window will be considered for this prize. There is no entry fee.

DEADLINE: March 15

MM does accept simultaneous submissions, but requests that submissions accepted elsewhere are withdrawn as soon as possible. Manuscripts will be considered between now and March 15. Materials received after March 15 will remain unread. We will make every effort to respond quickly and respectfully to your work. If you suspect we have overlooked or misplaced your submission, please contact us here: miraclemonocle@gmail.com. Please visit our site to review our archives before submitting: http://louisville.edu/miraclemonocle/