Miracle Monocle is now accepting submissions for its Spring 2020 issue. We will accept submissions through January 1st, 2020 or until we reach 500 submissions. There is no fee for submission. We ask that writers refrain from submitting more than one in one submission cycle. We also ask that writers submit only original, unpublished work.  

Miracle Monocle publishes the results of the annual Calvino Prize, an award recognizing outstanding fiction in the fabulist mode, in its Spring issues. This award is facilitated by the University of Louisville and comes with a $2000 cash prize. To enter to win this competition, please follow the submission guidelines published here.

Miracle Monocle does accept simultaneous submissions, but we request that submissions accepted elsewhere are withdrawn as soon as possible. We publish only previously unpublished work. We will make every effort to respond quickly and respectfully to your work. If you suspect we have overlooked or misplaced your submission, please contact us here: miraclemonocle@gmail.com. Please visit our site to review our archives before submitting: http://louisville.edu/miraclemonocle/

For fiction, please submit one piece of 1,000-10,000 words. We accommodate traditional realism and experiment alike. Please do not submit excerpts of novels unless the piece can stand alone.

For Creative Nonfiction, please submit one piece of 5,000 words or less. We are looking for personal narrative, topical work, and lyrical essays. If your work does not fit snugly into these categories, let your prose persuade us that it's the exception to the rules. Please do not send excerpts of longer works unless the piece can stand alone.

For poetry, please submit no more than three pieces. (We'd prefer if you submitted multiple pieces within one document instead of creating multiple entries, btw.) We like unique voices that encourage us to reevaluate ourselves and the world around us--poetry that makes the familiar seem unfamiliar. We appreciate work that takes risks and offers unexpected surprises. 
For the experimental and not-easily-defined, please submit no more than three pieces. (We'd prefer if you submitted multiple pieces within one document instead of creating multiple entries, btw.) We’re interested in flash, microfictions, nano fictions, and the like. We’re also fans of hybrid and collaborative work. In other words, we like to play host to writers who straddle the lines between genres. Length is negotiable, though flash tends to turn into something else when it exceeds 1500 words. Send your genre Frankensteins our way; they’ll find a safe home here.

For two-dimensional art or photography, please submit no more than 3 pieces. We are especially fond of work that incorporates text, but this is more of a preference than a demand. We are open to a wide range of approaches, but tend to favor uniqueness and oddity over a strict fidelity to realistic representation. Images should be at least 300 dpi, submitted in JPG or TIFF format. RGB or CMYK please.

Miracle Monocle - University of Louisville